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The CESAR Scheme

At CITS's instigation, the Construction and Agricultural Security Registration Scheme (CESAR) was created to tackle the million pound a week of Agricultural and Construction Plant theft happening in 2005.

CITS challenged the Home Office and the UK Police Forces to help combat the scale of losses suffered by these industries.

To assist in identifying stolen plant, the police requested the creation of a national registration scheme, which would allow the instant identification of any item of plant irrespective of its colour, make or model. It would also allow the police to contact the scheme’s operators 24 hours a day.

Consequently, specialist police officers from around the country drafted the requirements the scheme needed to be to fulfil their needs.

With these requirements, CITS engaged with all those operating in the industry including: construction companies, those in agriculture, machinery manufacturers, the insurance industry, the security industry, as well as assistance from Thatcham’s Vehicle Research Centre and the Home Office’s Scientific Development Branch to create a truly robust scheme.

It was decided that ownership of the CESAR scheme would be an equal partnership between the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA).

In May 2006, using the requirements set out by the police, a major initiative was launched where high profile companies were challenged through a highly competitive tendering process to deliver the unique security and registration scheme.

The company ultimately chosen to provide CESAR was Datatag ID Ltd.

Within weeks, a number of major manufacturers started fitting CESAR into new machinery. Major insurers who had already supported the scheme’s concept, were and still are, providing insurance premium discounts for registered machinery. Both the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers ((ACPO), later to be renamed the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), recognise CESAR as the official industry scheme.

Nearly 15 years on and CITS are incredibly proud of being instrumental in bringing industries together to design and implement the CESAR scheme. The successes have been phenomenal, not only in reducing the theft rate of Agricultural and Construction Plant, but helping to identify stolen plant throughout the World.