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June 2018


In summary, the delegates who are all senior business managers and board members within their respective organisations gave positive feedback indicating that the exercise was extremely useful and many have expressed support for hosting further exercise events for their own business groups.

The exercise has and continues to drive positive behavioural change, providing hands on experience of the objectives and benefits of embracing cyber security and of investing in their staff to reduce the risk of becoming victims of cybercrime. 100% of the attendees stated that they had learnt something new, including the following:

  • More awareness of the variety of risks that exist and the importance of spreading this message throughout the company up to, and including board level.
  • Improved understanding of cyber-crime prevention techniques.
  • Cyber-crime isn't just an IT issue.
  • "The threat to our servers are more severe than I thought".

On top of this, multiple attendees declared an intention to change their company's practises based on the lessons they had learnt within the exercise. These changes included:

  • Attendees stated that they would be increasing/improving their staff training.
  • Conducting reviews of their current processes, budgets, systems, continuity plans and GDPR compliance.
  • Converging IT and physical security.
  • Appointing a risk manager.
  • Increasing communication between departments regarding security.
  • Bringing forward their proposed date to encrypt their data.

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