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August 2017

New Police Partnership With Costain Bypasses Crime

New Police Partnership With Costain Bypasses Crime

Thousands of homes and businesses near a new bypass in rural Cheshire are being protected from burglary thanks to the use of forensic marking in an innovative partnership between Cheshire Constabulary and construction company Costain.

The police have been using SelectaDNA forensic marking, which links criminals to crime scenes, as the main component of Operation Shield, which has been protecting communities across Cheshire from burglary since March 2015.

The operation uses a state-of-the-art forensic liquid which is uniquely coded to each property and can be used to mark belongings so they can be returned to the owner regardless of where the items are recovered.

Due to the success of Operation Shield, which has already recorded up to 83% reduction in domestic burglaries across Cheshire, police have now linked-up with Costain, builders of the new A556 Knutsford to Bowdon bypass.

Costain have provided partnership funding in relation to the Operation to assist with crime prevention in the area of the new bypass.

Chris Burrows, Costain Community Liaison Manager for the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon project said: "Costain are very pleased to be actively involved with the Cheshire Constabulary initiative and assisting with something that will have long lasting benefits to the local communities."

PC Mike Dawber, Rural Beat Officer for Knutsford said: "This operation demonstrates that the Constabulary along with its partners will continue to tackle rural crime in all its forms, and this sends out a message that Cheshire will not be a soft touch for criminals."

He continued: "We have worked hard to tackle rural criminality in Cheshire. The Constabulary was one of only a few Police Forces that saw a reduction when the last rural crime figures were produced. Knutsford is a very low crime area and this operation will help to make villages safer still and reduce the likelihood of crime further."