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October 2014



A LEADING energy installation company has successfully protected its plant equipment from theft at construction sites across the UK by using the latest covert forensic marking technology.

Mark Group, which installs energy solutions for house builders, businesses and local authorities, deployed SelectaDNA Trace in June 2013 to mark scaffolding tubes that could be targeted by thieves. Since then there have been no thefts of Mark Group's own property.

Theft from construction sites is an ever-increasing problem with an estimated £100 million of plant being stolen per annum including scaffolding, excavators, compressors and even cranes.

SelectaDNA Trace from security company Selectamark, is ideal for outdoor metal marking projects. The solution, which comes in an easy-to-use aerosol contains two identifiers: Trace nanoparticles which authenticates the mark as a genuine SelectaDNA product, and metal microdots which identifies who the registered owner is. The code on the metal microdots is linked to a secure database which is accessible to Police at all times via a secure online login.

Rhys Willis, Scaffolding Senior Field Manager at Mark Group in Leicester, said: "We wanted to find a solution that would work as a preventative measure for us and protect our property from metal thieves. For well over a year now, SelectaDNA Trace is proving to be a brilliant option and 'does exactly what it says on the tin'."

The only losses the company has suffered since June 2013 are of hired-in scaffolding which wasn't marked. Mr Willis said: "Thieves did target some hired-in scaffolding we borrowed from another company, but they completely left our marked property alone, no doubt put off by the deterrent warning signage we have erected around our sites that indicate that our equipment is DNA-protected."

Another advantage is that the scaffolding looks better when it is not visibly marked, says Mr Willis. "Using an invisible product like SelectaDNA means that our scaffolding still looks brand new when it is on site. Other companies mark their scaffolding with paint which doesn't look so good and can make the site look untidy."

As an additional feature to protect the scaffolding tubes and visibly identify them as belonging to the Mark Group, the company is also using TESA labels from SelectaLabel.

TESA labels have an extremely hi-tack adhesive and are resistant to temperatures of -50C. They are ideal for outdoor use and are the most secure and durable label option.

Mr Willis said: "The labels leave no one in any doubt that the tubes belong to Mark Group and they are the toughest option available, which is essential when the scaffolding is open to the elements and is being constantly erected and dismantled."

He concluded: "Using SelectaDNA in combination with TESA labels is having a massive effect on making sure thieves stay away from our materials."

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