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13th May 2010
Bogus Plant Sales
Please be aware that the Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) has seen a gradual rise in the number of fraudulent adverts in publications such as Autotrader and Resale Weekly. These adverts have been for various machines and high powered sports cars which have never actually existed.

This is a PANIU Police notice to all plant and agricultural companies advising you to be wary when purchasing machinery from such outlets. Whilst the publications are doing all they can to stamp out this sort of crime, it is inevitable that one or two adverts may slip through. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.

It is worth noting that to date, numerous companies and individuals have been duped in this way and there is no way of recovering the loss in most cases.

PANIU have been made aware of the following person who has made an application to the Autotrader group:

Person attempting to place the advert is Lara Gomez - 07415 469503. She claims to be from a company by the name of Higgs Plant Hire but checks with the company have confirmed she does not work there. The credit card she used to place the advert is in the name of Phillip Cod and is believed to have been cloned or stolen from the legitimate owners' possession. Please be aware of these details in case they should be used in other forms of crime perpetrated against your companies.

If you become aware of crimes of this type having taken, or about to take place, please contact your local Police and inform PANIU on the following:

Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit

Tel: 0207 230 7290
Fax: 0207 230 7754
E-mail: PANIU@Met.Pnn.Police.UK