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May 2020



We have had someone trying to book a 3-tonne Excavator against a customer's account, but they weren't an employee of the customer. Morris Leslie and GAP Group have had the same person hiring this type of machine to the same site address.

Phone number that called is 07931 946938
Name John
Site Address 81 Mill Street, Falmer, on the outskirts of Brighton.



Lancashire have an investigation running that is very much live and current. On 29/04/20 we were notified of plant equipment worth around £80,000 having been stolen by way of fraudulent hire in the West Yorkshire area. The aggrieved party was able to recover some of their own equipment, in Lancashire on 30/04/20 and officers from Lancashire Constabulary then co-ordinated with the aggrieved. Through work carried out by various departments, Burnley CID, Tac-Ops and the Force Digital Investigation Unit the remaining item of property, a £45,000 Manitou Telehandler was recovered in the Lancashire area and returned to the aggrieved party.

DC Piggott from NAVCIS has a good understanding on these sort of offences and we would reiterate his comments that, although there may be a small proportion of the public who believe there is perception of a lack of interest by the police, this is very untrue and there are some very dedicated officers working to try and dismantle these criminal groups. We can't always promise we will recover the stolen property and we're conscious that the investigations may be lengthy. We're also conscious that reporting the crimes is not always straight forward, with victims being directed to other force areas or to report it through Action Fraud, but please do take the time that is required to make sure it is reported. It's the only way that the true picture of the offending can be captured and the only way that sufficient resources will get tasked.