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June 2019


CEA STATEMENT: TRANSITION OF SPECIALIST POLICE PLANT UNITThe Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU), hosted by the Metropolitan Police, has confirmed the suspension of its activities with effect 3rd June 2019. The Unit was formed in 2008 to combat the theft of construction and agricultural plant with the backing of leading insurers.

The Unit was founded to work with the CESAR plant marking and registration scheme owned by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and supported by the Agricultural Engineers Association. Today the CESAR database holds records on over 320,000 pieces of equipment.

The CEA can confirm that plans are well advanced for a successor organisation to PANIU which will build on the principles of a national police unit working closely with insurers, the CESAR scheme and other industry stakeholders.

Keith Dolbear, chair of the CESAR Review Committee said, “We are grateful for the contribution PANIU has made over the years and it leaves an important legacy. We hope to be able to make an announcement concerning the new police resource arrangements in the near future. The Metropolitan Police have pledged to assist in the smooth transition of PANIU responsibilities to the new set up. Meanwhile our CESAR team is continuing to work proactively to combat crime in the construction and agricultural sectors”.